Review: Tonymoly- Intensive Repair live snail Hydro-Gel Mask

Before anything else, I would like to thank all of you my dear readers because yesterday (Mar. 14, 2012- Philippine date) my blog reaches its all time high view rate. *Clap* *Clap* and it’s all because of you my dear readers. Let’s make everyday a record breaking day for my blog! And because of that, I have a small token for you, my review of this product from Tonymoly, enjoy!

Review: Tonymoly- Intensive Repair live snail Hydro-Gel Mask

Price: 298 Php (with 40% discount is 178 Php)

Brief Information from the Back label of the product: 70% of Snail secretion filtrate (containing 10,000 ppm) irritation free formula

Scent- has an average scent (nothing so special about it).

Jelly <3- Okay, I have been stressed this past few weeks due to quizzes and school works and so does my skin. Indeed, I need something that can replenish and repair my troubled skin. It was a perfect timing for me to use this Intensive Repair live snail Hydro-Gel Mask which I bought from Tonymoly in SM Manila during the duration of their 40% discount sale promo. At first, I thought nothing was so special about the name of this product and then I suddenly stare at these words:

Gel mask….. Gel Mask….. GEL MASK!

Phew! After a dual mask, now a Gel Mask, looks like my product review for mask sheets has becoming more interesting. Anyways, it is my first time to encounter a gel mask and I was surprised by how jelly- like its texture is and by how does it looked like upon opening the pack.

I was literally surprised as I open the mask. It didn’t cross my mind that it would be a dual mask. Yes, the mask was divided into two parts. One is a cut from the forehead to the nose and the other are for the parts under the nose up to the chin. Below is the picture of the white thing holding the masks.

And for the moment of truth, it is the time that I need to wear the masks. I was surprised on how I looked like wearing the gel mask. It is almost transparent as if you’re not wearing a mask. And I was like, “sooo, this is a gel mask huh..!”

Upon all these insights on the physical attributes of the mask, the true verdict lies on the effectiveness of it. We all know that the Intensive Snail Repair line of Tonymoly is very expensive. I guess it is the most expensive product line in Tonymoly. And as I always say, if you are planning to buy something from an expensive line, better to try the product that is the cheapest on that line or ask for a product sample. In the case of the Intensive Snail Repair line, the cheapest product is this mask so I tried it. Guess what had happened, it had caused me minor breakouts. Before, I was planning to purchase the intensive snail repair toner from the line but I guest, Tonymoly’s snail products won’t work for my skin. I think it is the best to use this (for me) after a professional facial treatment. But who knows, maybe this one will work for you. Til next review! ❤


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